CountrySTAT is a collection of software tools, methods, and standards to facilitate the acquisition, management, and analysis of large, diversified and distributed sets of data. It supports multiple-sourced data integration and harmonization according to international standards and contributes to improving data quality and reliability. Through national and regional CountrySTAT projects, FAO forms partnerships with statistical offices and the Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry among others to introduce the system and build the national capacity to dissemination internationally comparable official statistics. In each country, the National CountrySTAT Secretariat collaborates with the National Technical Working Group to ensure consensus on the official data to be uploaded and to make this data available to users in a timely manner with metadata to support its reliability. 


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  1. CountrySTAT allows for the analysis of data coming from different sources to be manipulated and visualized directly online. Various types of charts are available to allow users to be able to perform further analysis.

  2. CountrySTAT supports online data filtering. Users can skim through complex data sets and easily locate the desired information.

  3. Sub-national data can be visualized through maps to allow a clear and immediate view of statistics at lower administrative levels.

  4. Two or more datasets can be compared side by side either in tabular form or via charts.

  5. CountrySTAT includes datasets from the following domains: Production, Food availability, Trade, Machinery, Population, Prices, Value added, Land use, Employment, Water, Livestock, National account, Fishery and Forestry


Formation sur le nouveau système CountrySTAT

Le Coordonnateur national, M. Lassina PARE, Directeur des Statistiques Sectorielles au Ministère de l'Agriculture, et...


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